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The perfect morning………. November 6, 2006

Posted by wilsonniblett in Enthusiastic Commentary.

Some days just seem to be just perfect!  Today is just one of those days.  Sunny and crisp, just like a fall day should be, with a forecast for a mild day.

These are the days that I enjoy my commute to work.  I am lucky enough to live east of Toronto and have the opportunity to drive the back roads to and from Wilson Niblett.  These secondary concessions are perfect “drivers” roads that will bring you back to the time when traffic was less hectic.

As I was cruising along listening to Top tracks on XM Radio (another great technological advancement) I was reminiscing about all the various vehicles I have either owned or had the priviledge of driving.  There have been quite a few over the years.  Everything from chopped hot rods, luxury cars, muscle cars and trucks to Corvettes. Some vehicles were very utilitarian and just got the job done, while others left a memorable impression as a great driving experience.

This new 2007 Impala SS sedan that I am driving is just that……..a serious driving sedan that leaves a lasting impression.  The first thing that you notice, other than the real cool throaty sounding exhaust, is that the cabin is very quiet.  There is no road or wind noise.  Another feature that Chevrolet has incorporated into all the Impalas is that they use double bonded structural panels to increase strength and rigidity while reducing in car noise.  This is proven effective evrytime I hit the railroad crossings.  This coupled with the performance suspension gives a great ride, handling and control.

One of the best features of this performance sedan is the Displacement on Demand V8 power.  As you cruise along the engine controls run the engine in 4 cylinder mode to conserve fuel and when you need the extra power, the computer seamlessly switches back to full V8 power.  This is so seamless that I often set the Drivers Information Center to be able to watch it switch, because you sure don’t feel it happen.

There are lots of other great features, but I won’t turn this into a commercial.  You really need to try one for yourself.

As I made the  last sweeping turn approaching the bedroom communities near work, I thought about how on a perfect morning it’s great to be driving a perfect car.

The Chevy Enthusiast



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