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2008 Corvette Blue Devil……. January 29, 2007

Posted by wilsonniblett in Auto News, Enthusiastic Commentary.

It is no secret that Chevolet has been diligently working to bring new and exciting products to the public.  The new Corvette version that has been in the works for a while now is no exception.  This Corvette, orginally tag named by Bob Lutz as the Blue Devil will be a much upgraded performance level vehicle based on the current Z06 platform.  The leaked information indicates that car will be powered by a supercharged engine giving a reported range of between 600 and 650 HP.   Some have even speculated that the powerplant will be a dual overhead cam engine.  This Corvette will have more carbon fiber body panels than the current Zo6, allowing it to reduce the curb weight to the 2900 lb range.  All this coupled with rumours of upgraded suspension and larger brakes will truly make this Corvette a race car with street manners.

With all the mystique and speculation about the new high performance version of the Corvette, there is of course lots of pictures and artists renditions,  out on the internet and in magazines each trying to capture the elusive vision of this much desired supercar.  We will not add to the media frenzy by posting any pictures here at this time since there are no certified examples of exactly what this Blue Devil will look like.

Speculation extends to the engine itself being called the LS7, L88, ZL1 all these have been historically famous Cherolet designations. The latest guess is that it will be called the LS9.

To complete the mystery of this latest Corvette, there is of course the speculated names that have been floating around the media and the enthusiasts forums.  Starting with Mr. Lutz’ endearing name of the Blue Devil is has progressed to Devil Ray, Sting Ray, Z07, Corvette SS,  along with many others.  There has even been a flurry of activity recently due to the fact that General Motors has renewed the name of the ZR-1.

Regardless of what they name the engine option or the Corvette version itself, it will be a world beater at a fraction of the cost of it’s nearest competitors.  Corvette has had a long history of innovation with a strong performance and racing heritage and this Corvette will be a pinnacle of engineering.  As enthusiasts, we are  as excited about the new Blue Devil as everyone else.  The one thing for sure is that this Corvette is not just an engineer’s pipe dream, it is real.  Like most other enthusiasts, we don’t care what they call it, just bring it on…we are ready!

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