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First Ron Fellows Edition arrives……… April 4, 2007

Posted by wilsonniblett in Enthusiastic Commentary.

RFellows4RFellows3Ron Fellows Z06

On a rainy spring morning there are always things that warm your heart.  Today it was the sight of a loaded car transport coming up the road.  The lights became brighter as the truck approached  through the mist of rain.  When it swung around the corner, we noticed that it was carrying a gleaming white car.  We realized that we had just recieved the first Ron Fellows Edition Corvette Z06.

The Corvette looks fantastic, even in it’s “just delivered” look of pure white. The decals that identify the exterior of these cars as Ron Fellows Editions come shipped in the back of the passengers compartment, ready to be installed by the selling dealer. The full width spoiler truly suits the lines of the Z06.

I can’t wait to see this Corvette all dressed in the Ron Fellows trim.  As it is, just sitting in the parking area, the car attracts people like crazy!

The Chevy Enthusiast



1. Flemming Hansen - August 16, 2007

Ther is only one Ron Fellows in Scandinavia, and im´the happy owner of number 185. Oh. What a car.

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