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ZR-1 / Blue Devil Engine…. December 6, 2007

Posted by wilsonniblett in Auto News, Enthusiastic Commentary.

LS9 Engine3LS9 Engine2LS9 Engine

As the Detroit Auto Show draws near, the excitement for the Blue Devil / ZR-1 Corvette has been building.  There has been many sightings of the prototypes being driven on the road and on the track.  There has been lots of still images and some video of the fantastic Corvette in action.

Some of the latest info to surface is the pics of the LS9 engine that will be the stellar powerplant for the ZR-1.  It is a supercharged and intercooled 6.2L small block.  The design of the intake / supercharger / intercooler setup has resulted in relatively long intake runners, for a supercharger package,  in a small compact package.  These runner designs plus forced induction should make this a beast to drive.  Just imagine gobs of torque and high end horsepower available in an otherwise very civilized and tractable lightweight Corvette.

Couple all these new features with wider fender flares, larger tires, better suspension in a lighter Corvette….then cap it off with the rumoured see through hood panel and you have one beautiful Corvette.

Anyone that has watched the video of Johnny O’Connell blasting the prototype around Laguna Seca (elsewhere on this site) cannot help but be impressed.

Bring it on…….we are more than ready!

The Chevy Enthusiast



1. Jeff The Vette Expert - April 15, 2008

ZR1 Vette did it again! Great article with all the details. Start saving…

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