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2009 Camaro Photo January 7, 2008

Posted by wilsonniblett in Auto News, Enthusiastic Commentary.

Real 2009 Camaro 

To beat the spy photographers at their own game, and to increase excitement for the much anticipated 2009 Camaro, Bob Lutz has instructed that all the camouflage coverings be removed from the vehicles during road testing.  While this is just a small shot of the car, it still gives a good indication that the production Camaro will be very close to the Camaro Concept that was originally unveiled at the Detroit Auto Show.

There is a lot of excitement within the Camaro hobby for this 2009 Camaro.  I am no different from everyone else, having had a ’67  SS RS, a ’67  ex-racer and a ’69 Z-28, I have the fever too!  It will be great to see a Camaro that pays homage to the heritage of the marque without being just a “retro car”.  This is a totally new, from the drawing board dreams to reality production!

Bring it on….Camaro enthusiasts everywhere are more than ready.  In fact, if you are listening Bob Lutz, let us see some pics under the hood to whet our appetites even more.  Camaro has always been about performance and nothing says performance like a small block Chevy V8…..especially one from the all aluminum LS engine family.

The Chevy Enthusiast



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