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Canadian Armed Forces Thank You March 23, 2008

Posted by wilsonniblett in Enthusiastic Commentary.

Mats and Celine 

This winter, many Season Ticket holders for the Maple Leafs Hockey Team were asked to give up their tickets for one evening so that some of the Canadian Armed Forces could have an evening out at the Air Canada Center to watch the game.

We gladly provided a series of tickets to be distributed to the troops.  We support our troops wholeheartedly as they put themselves in harms way for our country.  These tireless brave men and women have pledged their loyalty to us and our country and we appreciated their efforts.

After the “Support Our Troops” evening at the ACC, we recieved this wonderful thank you note from Master Corporal Céline Picotin:

Good day Wilson-Niblett Motors Ltd,

I would like to say a really big thank you for the tickets that you gave to the troops on the 2 Feb 08.  I was the lucky one who received them.  I went with my friend Cpl Isabelle Langevin.  We were deployed in the South West Asia together (Jun-Dec 07) and we play hockey for the Ladies Base team at 8 Wing Trenton.

  Last year,  I had the chance to go but I was up in the Gondola (near the ceiling). This year,  we had lots of fun and had the chance to meet people like Don Cherry, Tie Domi, Dominic Moore (first star of the game) and my favourite player Mats Sundin.  ACC’s personnel were awesome and opened some doors for us on that special night…

Thank you for supporting the troops, We appreciate it!!

We are going to keep great memories for a long time!

Best regards
MCpl Céline Picotin

We salute MCpl Céline Picotin and Cpl Isabelle Langevin along with all the other Canadian Military persomel.  You make us all very proud!

The Chevy Enthusiast



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