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Staff Track Day & Product Evaluation May 19, 2008

Posted by wilsonniblett in Enthusiastic Commentary.

Since our creation of the Wilson Niblett Performance Corvette Driving Experience sessions, we have had a lot of questions from some of the staff as to what this type of session is all about.  We explained in great depth, the intense program that John Powell and his Skills Driving Team have created exclusively for Wilson Niblett Performance, but nothing beats a hands on experience.  While we could not take a group of Corvettes out to the track, we planned a less intense session for the current Chevrolet sedans.
This past week, we took a group consisting of staff from our Sales, Service, Parts and Executive Teams for a special ride.  We took two 2008 Malibus, 2008 Impala SS, Base Cobalt, and a Base Impala 6 cyl for an Engineering Product Evaluation style drive to the Mosport International Raceway. 
We went through some Driver Skills Training that included accident avoidance manouvers, braking techniques and timed slalom runs.  The highlight of the day was of course the many laps around the Mosport Grand Prix Track to evaluate (and truly appreciate) the engineering that goes into these fine General Motors Products.   In total stock form they handle and brake extremely well.  All this while they offer a very comfortable and quiet ride quality.
Our main intention is to allow the staff to experience the higher capabilities of our products, while maintaining a controlled and very safe off road environment.  This experience taught the staff the basics of cornering techniques and gave them a first hand feeling of what their skill levels could achieve on the track.  It also displayed the ability of the modern Chevrolet sedans, especially the new 2008 Malibu, both in 6cyl and 4 cyl formats!
The above video was taken from inside the 2008 Impala SS, we hope you enjoy watching it!  We sure had fun at the track!
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