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National “Drive Your Corvette To Work Day” June 27, 2008

Posted by wilsonniblett in Enthusiastic Commentary.

Drive to work day

Amongst Corvette enthusiasts, the last Friday in June has been considered the National Drive Your Corvette To Work Day.  This year the day has fallen on June 27th.

 We have been having grim weather over the past few months, including hail storms and severe thunderstorms.  The weather forecats today included the threat of rain later in the day.  Despite all that, I drove a Corvette to work today.  Since my 1965 Fuelie Corvette was blocked in the garage, I drove my wife’s 1978.

It was a great morning drive with warm humid temperatures.  Driving with the T-Tops off and the windows down was great.  The car just sliced through the early morning haze, as I drove along some of the back country roads.  The performance exhaust note echoed off the trees mixed well with the sounds from the radio.  What a perfect setting.

Along the way, I passed several other Corvettes that all responded with a wave.  Sitting in my office, with a clear view of the street, I have seen several other Corvettes of all vintages drive past.  That is not counting what we have driving in and out of the parking lot, considering we are Canada’s largest Corvette dealer.

I hope you are able to enjoy your Corvettes today.  No matter the vintage or model of Corvette, they are a treat to drive on any day!

The Chevy Enthiusiast



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