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Chevy Volt charges on……. November 21, 2008

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New Volt Aero Design

New Volt Aero Design

While the world watches the economic downturn with baited breath and the auto industry scrambles to return to stability in today’s market place, GM continues to ready the Volt for production.

They have been working on many refinements such as interior components to improve the ergonomics and user functionality.

As many of us have already seen, they have improved the overall exterior desing to take full advantage of the enegry savings that are derived from the aerodynamic styling changes.  They have also succeeded in continuing to brand this vehicle as an undisputed Chevrolet product.

The Chevy Volt is so revolutionary in it’s energy usage, that the EPA in the U.S. is examining other ways to measure energy consumption in a vehicle other than the traditional MPG. Currently, the MPG figures are calculated on a distance basis that does not exceed 11 miles.  Since the Chevy Volt will go approx 40 miles on the battery pack, that will make the car surpass the magic 100 MPG mark.  Afetr the battery pack runs out, the miserly 1.4L engine will engage and start to rechage the battery pack while the Volt continues on down the road.

This is the vehicle that many enthusiasts have wished for in the past.  It is coming! 

The Chevy Enthusiast


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