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The vehicles that people want…. December 9, 2008

Posted by wilsonniblett in Auto News, Enthusiastic Commentary.

It continues to amaze me to hear pundits say that General Motors has not built the vehicles that people want.  If that was true, then how is it that General Motors is the largest selling manufacturer in Canada?

There are claims that GM has continued to build SUV and Pick Up style vehicles when there is no consumer interest.  Well, somebody has forgotten to tell the consumers that they are still buying the wrong products!

The new Chevrolet Traverse is causing a lot of interest and we continue to sell them due to the demand.  Can we have the only clientele that want them?  I think not!

Try telling a contractor, landscaper or farmer that they need to drive a sub-compact to carry all their tools and products to and from various destinations.  Or should they be taking public transit?  No!  They need trucks, vans and SUVs to accomplish their tasks.  General Motors has been building great trucks for 100 years.   If you combine the GMC and Chevy Trucks pick-up lines together, since they are the same vehicles but rebadged, they out sell the venerable Ford F150.  People buy the GM trucks in volume.  Must be a lot of folks out there that are buying products that they don’t want, at least accodring to the pundits. 

When is comes to cars, there is a lot of great GM product out there.  On the Chevrolet side, the Malibu is a hot item with the 4 cyl engine demand so high, they are hard to keep in inventory.  The Malibu Hybrid is available also.  The new Aveo is a fuel miser that has a low price to match the low fuel consumption.  The Cobalt is comfortable value packed compact that performs and gives great mileage.

At the other end of the spectrum is the Corvette.  This is truly a World class sports touring automobile.  It comes in various option levels from “smooth performance cruiser” to “take no prisoners club racer/autocrosser”.  World class performance with 35 MPG.  If the Corvette is a vehicle that people do not want, then they forgot to tell the legions of Corvette fans that have been following this marque since it’s inception in 1953.  Today the Corvette remains a much sought after vehicle with waiting lists to acquire the iconic ZR1 version.

Enough time on the soapbox!  I have a 2009 Silverado to deliver and a client that wants to buy a 2009 Corvette Z06.

The Chevy Enthusiast



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