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2009 Camaros in racing December 16, 2008

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2009 Camaro GS

2009 Camaro GS



I don’t know about you, but I am very excited at the thought of the 2009 Camaro racing in the Koni Challenge series starting in Jan 2010.  It has been a while since we have had the opportunity to watch the Camaros and Mustangs compete in a road race series.

Being a spec series competition, the race version of the 2009 Camaros will be produced by Riley Technologies of North Carolina.  Their past experience and racing credentials more than qualifies them as the only fabricator recognized to prepeare the Camaros for Grand Am Koni Challenge Series.

While we have not seen any Riley prepped client Camaros yet, the prototype that was shown at SEMA is enough to stir your heart if you are any kind of Chevrolet racing fan!

The 2009 Camaro GS prototype shown at SEMA truly captures the sense of the 1969 Trans Am series Camaro that was run by Penske with Mark Donahue driving to the championship, from the dark blue paint, yellow wheels, the number 6 on the car and that mean looking stance.  It is very cool!

The initial press release from August 2008 can be found on the Riley Technologies website http://www.rileytech.com

The Riley prepped cars will be true racers that are built from factory “bodies in white”.  Full roll cages installed and all the body seams welded to increase the rigidity and safety of the vehicle.  To lighten the Camaro, they will have carbon fiber hood, doors and trunck lid added.  A solid mounted LS3 backed by a Tremec 6060 close ratio 6 speed will round out the powertrain.  The Camaro will have the necessary extra oil coolers for the transmission and differential along with an upgraded engine oil cooler.

Unless you think this is just another “instant racer”, this prototype has looged many hours of extensive testing to dial in the suspension and drivetrain tuning.  When you get the keys to one of these, it will be race ready.   We have been told that you can also acquire these Camaro racers to match your budget.  Riley Technologies will sell you one in various states of completion.  Just contact them at info@rileytech,com

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