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Mosport Circa 1960 January 7, 2009

Posted by wilsonniblett in Auto Racing, Enthusiastic Commentary.

The Mosport International Raceway Grand Prix Track is held in high regard amongst both racers and fans of motorsports.  To those of us that have driven around it at speed honing our skills, it is a very special place.

This appears to be a clip of the track while still under construction.  If you have been at or aon the track, you will be able to recognize the corners even though there are no telltale landmarks such as the pedestrian bridges.  The scenery is still as beautiful around the track today, albiet not as rustic as back then.

Living only 20 minutes from the track, sometimes I will just drive up there on a weekeday morning.  Sitting by the deserted trackside early in the morning is an emotional experience.  All the excitement, history, energy that racers and fans alike lingers like an invisible energy.  Just peacfully waiting for the next HPDE Day, club racing event or major event such as the ALMS weeked, to come back to life.

The days that I take Corvette owners out to the track with John Powell and his team are wonderful.  John and Devon skillfully instruct the attendees so that they can learn the proper way to handle a Corvette and what the car is actually capable of doing.  If I do not have a company Corvette to use on the track with them, I will ride with various drivers and listen to their take on this beautiful track.  Sometimes I will take my 1965 Corvette Fuelie Coupe around the track to remind my self how far the technology has come over the years and how much fun driving can be!

Occaisionally I will stop in to see Phil Strudwick since his shop is on the track grounds.  We talk shop and race tech and he will show me his latest project.  If I am real lucky, they will be testing one of his vintage race Corvettes and I can get my soul refueled before heading off to work.

Whether you have been a racer or a fan, dragstrips, stock car tracks and road race facilities are all spiritual places. See you at the track!

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