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2010 Camaro SS Test Drive! February 17, 2009

Posted by wilsonniblett in Auto News, Enthusiastic Commentary.
Camaro SS Grille

Camaro SS Grille

You all know that I am a Chevy Enthusiast through and through, so the fact that I truly enjoyed testing the new 2010 Camaro SS 6 speed should not come as a surprise.  However, I have never been afraid to tell it like it is, especially about a performance car and it’s attributes.  This new Camaro is fantastic!

I always approach new products with a kind of “Okay, go ahead and impress me!” attitude.  The new 2010 Camaro was somewhat the same except that I have been in love with the idea since viewing ther concept in Detroit in 2006 and talking about the design with Tom Peters the Lead Designer.  Having owned several early Camaros myself, I could relate to Mr. Peter’s excitement as he explained many of the nuances of the new design and the lines that were to emulate the heritage of these cars without creating a simple “Retro Car”.

After a long wait, I had a change to test drive a 2010 Camaro SS last week.  I am blown away by the absolute quality of this vehicle.  The vehicle looks even better in real life than is does in photographs.  The fit and finish, body gaps and trim are excellent, the GM employees in Oshawa should be truly proud of their work on this new Camaro.  The lines truly capture the essence of the 1969 Camaro that has become a collective automotive icon.  Just walking up to the Camaro makes you want to see one in Trans Am trim in Penske/Donahue livery or a Bill Jenkins “Grumpy’s Toy” Pro Stock setup!  Don’t get me wrong, this is not a throwback design, it just evokes that era.

The interior is very comfortable and with the power drivers seat, can fit any size person perfectly.  The seat is very performance oriented with good bolstering and adjustability. They have raised the door/ window reveal line and the car feels like you are wearing it.  The controls are ergonomically placed for real driving.

The first clue to the 425HP under the hood is the great exhaust note that snaps on fire up and burbles at idle.  There is no exhaust resonance in the cockpit when driving.  The clutch is very smooth but far from mushy.  Pulling out onto the road the first thing you notice is that there are no rattles, cowl shake or excessive body motion.  This is a solidly built performance car!  Road joints and imperfections tell you that this car has a true performance heritage but the firm ride is not harsh and offers a very controlled ride.   Your first corner at any speed tells you that this is not your grandfather’s Camaro!  As with any other vehicle road test, there is the obligatory acceleration test and this one was impressive.  The first thing you notice is that there is no squat with the independent rear suspension.  The engineers have done a great job of designing handling and performance into this element of the Camaro.  There is no torque lean, the cars pulls flat and straight with no suspension hop or instability.  I am truly impressed!

The four wheel discs are smooth and very capable of reacting to all your impulsive needs on a spirited drive.  The one factor that strikes you as you reach highway speeds is that there is absolutely no wind noise in this car…none!  Well done Chevrolet.  The legend continues.

I want one. Now all I have to do is figure out how to get three cars in a two car garage! 

The Chevy Enthusiast



1. ghost - April 1, 2009

aww man I thought you were going to post a video.

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