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2009 NCRS Ontario Chapter Judging Meet June 11, 2009

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Corvettes in the Service area

Corvettes in the Service area


Judging discussion

Judging discussion

Group meeting

Group meeting


As Canada’s #1 Corvette Dealer, we have always enjoyed a deep relationship with all Corvette enthusiast throughout the hobby.  There is one group that has been dedicated to the restoration and preservation of Corvettes since 1974.   These avid Corvette aficianados learn, teach and share their information and love of the marque with the Corvette hobby at large.  This group is the National Corvette Restorers Society.  The Ontatio Chapter has been an active group since it’s beginnings in 1980.  Many of it’s membership have been involved in the NCRS National for many years, and some boast very low membership ID numbers.  Many of the members have owned, driven, raced, restored, collected and/or sold these cars over the last 5 decades.  The amount of collective knowledge in any NCRS gathering is staggering.

The NCRS accreditation awards that can be accumulated by owners, are based on the factual originality of what the particular Corvette would have represented when sitting in a showroom during the applicable model year.  These “Judging Meets” are not a Show & Shine event.  The looks and clenliness are nice factors that result from an era perfect representation of an original Corvette.  All the components, finishes and combination of options must have been available when the Corvette was built.

This past May 23rd, we hosted the NCRS Annual Judging Meet at our facility.  We cleared out the Service Shop and let them fill the area with Corvettes to be judged against their standard of originality.  There was a large turnout with volunteer NCRS Judges coming from other Chapters in New York, Quebec and Ohio.  We also cleared the front row of the dealership parking lot and had them park all the NCRS Sportsman Award Corvettes for display.

We look forward to hosting this wonderful group of Corvette afficianados next year.  Come out next year and watch the judging process and view these beautiful Corvettes

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