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First Callaway RCSE Corvette in Canada August 20, 2009

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2009 Callaway RCSE Corvette

2009 Callaway RCSE Corvette

Supercharged & Intercooled 606BHP / 553 lb. ft. Torque

Supercharged & Intercooled 606BHP / 553 lb. ft. Torque

Callaway Console ID Plate #9 of 29 Built

Callaway Console ID Plate #9 of 29 Built

Callaway RCSE Corvette Steering Wheel

Callaway RCSE Corvette Steering Wheel

Auto aficionados all have an affection for cars that stand out from the norm.  While style and image are important, the automobile must have character and advanced engineering.  In other words it cannot just be a pretty face, it better be able to back up the image with substance!

All Callaway automotive creations are held in high regard due to the company’s engineering prowess.  This is due to the dedication to excellence that runs through the hearts and minds of all the Callaway staff worldwide.  They all live, breath and strive to create automotive icons that not only capture the essence of elegance, but can also back up their claims of performance.   Callaway Corvettes are based on engineering concepts that are brought to life through the application of data and experiences honed through varied background such as FIA racing. OEM engineering programs and decades of specialty automobile creations.

Reeves Callaway is the founder and leader of this iconic firm.  In honour of their founder, the team at Callaway has brought a new iconic vehicle to their historic list of cars , the 2009 Callaway RCSE Corvette.  The Reeves Callaway Signature Edition Corvette represents everything that the engineers at Callaway strive for in a product, with  sleek functional styling with a heart of reliable power and handling.  The supercharged and intercooled RCSE has 606 BHP and 553 lb. ft. Torque just to remind all competitors that it is based on solid engineering and is not just a pretty face.  Performance levles speak for themselves.  0-60 MPH in 3.4 sec and  a blistering  11.0 seconds at 124 MPH in the quarter mile!

The 2009 Corvette RCSE will be a limited production run of only 29 Corvettes.  One vehicle for every Callaway Dealer in the World.  Each RCSE is identified with a Console ID Plate and backed up with a Certificate of Authenticity signed by Reeves Callaway.  As Canada’s #1 Corvette Dealer and a Callaway Dealer, we are proud to announce that our Callaway RCSE Corvette will be arriving Monday August 24th.

This supercharged & intercooled LS3 V8 with 6 Speed Manual and Z51 Suspension car is an extremely driveable package with extremely good road manners.  The exclusive Callaway Double D Exhaust note will send chills down your spine.   This is the kind of car that is equally suited to take you and a friend downtown for dinner in style and comfort, spirited driving over twisty mountain roads or out to the race track to show off your tail lights to other drivers!  This is a seriously fast, powerfully engineered automobile.  Driving the Callaway Corvettes is always a heart pumping experince that will make you want one.  Beware, this car will attach itself to your heart and soul.  If you drive it, you will buy it!

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