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Corvette Racing Wins GT2 at Mosport September 1, 2009

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2009 ALMS GT2 Winners at Mosport

2009 ALMS GT2 Winners at Mosport

The Ollies 3rd Place Corvette at Mosport


Jan & Johnny's GT2 Winning Corvette in Mosport Winners Circle

Jan & Johnny's GT2 Winning Corvette in Mosport Winners Circle

Any Corvette race fan that did not attend the ALMS Race at Mosport or has not seen it on video, is missing one of the best races of all time!  I was lucky enough to attend this race in person as a participant in the Corvette Corral.  There was already an electricity in the Corral right from the beginning of the event.  All Corvette Racing fans were very excited about the move to GT2 by the Corvette Racing Team and bouyed by the team’s recent podium finishes at previous races.

Jan Magnussen held off the Ferrari for the Win after Johnny O’Connell had run the #3 Corvette for the first part of the race.  This was the very first win for the Corvette Racing Team since switching to GT2 this year.  Oliver Gavin and Olivier Beretta took third place making this the first double podium finish for the team in GT2.

The weather at Mosport was the usual turbulent variable extreme example.  Going from sunny to heavy rains then deep fog changing to high winds and cold temps.  Many fans believe that Mosport has it’s very own weather sytem!  Race day was windy and cool.

The Corvette Racing team arrived thursday with their three trucks and set up with their usual precision and efficiency.  This group comes ready to race.  Racing is not a game.  Their “Jake” logo and “Take No Prisoners” motto are just the tip of the iceberg as to how this team approaches ALMS Racing.  Teamwork, expertise and professionalism are the hallmarks of Corvette Racing and the Pratt & Miller organization.  However, no group of this size, that has worked together this hard for a decade can survive without deep respect and camraderie within the organization.  Make no mistake, Corvette Racing is made up of wonderful team members that are closer to a family than a team.

The other aspect of the Corvette Racing organization, that is not lost on the fan base, is their belief in the Corvette enthusiasts!  The team members and the drivers are always very accessible and extremely polite and courteous towards the fans.  They are eager to share their excitement and knowledge in response to any fan’s request.  Pratt & Miller are fully aware of the impact that all Corvette enthusiasts have on the hobby.  After all, they are major Corvette fans too!

All this hard work and energy has resulted in a legacy of winning in GT1 for a decade and now is forging ahead in the highly competitive GT2 Class.  After the fantastic 2009 Mosport ALMS Race resulting in a double podium finish of 1st and 3rd, all the fans will be eagerly awaiting the next two races this year!

If you are a Corvette fan, then support Corvette Racing…………after all, they are fans too;-)

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