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Corvette Racing at Laguna Seca October 16, 2009

Posted by wilsonniblett in Auto Racing, Enthusiastic Commentary.
Porsche wheels turned into Corvette just before the crash

Porsche wheels turned into Corvette just before the crash

One thing is for sure, the last race of the 2009 ALMS Race schedule was very exciting.  Laguan Seca is an exciting track from a technical point of view with various elevation changes to the well known “Corkscrew” all on a surface that sometimes has windblown dust/sand on it.

When you arrive at the last event of any form of competition that involves a much heralded championship, the competition can become fierce.  Now if you add a larger field of competitiors, that are all quite evenly matched, the heat gets turned up another notch.  Just to make it really exciting the ALMS Series runs with multiple vehicle classes out on the track at the same time…..slow and fast!

Now liberally sprinkle this event with Tv coverage, sponsorship pressure, adrenalin, pride and douse it with testoserone……….you better pull your cooler of drinks and food closer to you because you don’t want to miss a thing!

This years event did not fail to excite the fans.  There was enough  action to keep even the couch potatoes focused.

While it was a great event all around, there was one incident on the last lap of the race that coloured the event.  The turnout of this last lap was terrific for Gil De Ferran who won in his last racing event as a driver but for Jan Magnussen of Corvette Racing this was a devastating lap.  While there is lots of controvery and armchair sports commetary about the last lap of the race, the result is the #3 Corvette crashed into the wall on the straight just before the finish line and J. Bergmeister in the Porsche claimed the win.

I have taken a few days to read all the comments, view the video, analyze the pictures and personally feel that there was an injustice done to the Corvette Racing team.  IMSA has come out and given both Bergmeister and Magnussen a two race probation during the coming 2010 ALMS Race season.

While nothing can be done at this point in time that will change the outcome of the 2009 Laguna Seca ALMS GT2 race, we can all look forward to a very exciting 2010 ALMS season.  One thing is for sure, the Corvette Racing Team that has dominated the ALMS GT1 series for the better part of a decade, will now have a newly steeled resolve to fiecely compete for the GT2 crown in the future.

All Corvette fans wish Jan Magnussen a speedy recovery.  His accident is a testament to the well engineered/built Corvettes fielded by Pratt & Miller.

I for one will attend any of the races that I am able to and for the rest of the 2010 schedule I will have my cooler of drinks and food close to me, my Corvette Racing shirt on and the TV up loud!

The Chevy Enthusiast



1. TestaVette - March 19, 2010

Great write up….
Bergmiester should. Have been penalized in my opinion…. What happened to racing fair… Its racing not bumper cArS…..purposly spinnin a competitor out is as low as u get….
Bite me bergmiester….
Corey testa

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