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Donna Mae Mims October 16, 2009

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Donna Mae Mims

Donna Mae Mims

Donna Mae Mims passed away on October 6th this year at the age of 82 after complications arising from a stroke.  She was a free spirit that will be missed by all the people that she met or influenced in her life.

She started out racing a  fuel injected Corvette in SCCA competition back in 1960.  She had purchased the Corvette from the famous Yenko Chevrolet where she worked as an executive secretary.  Ms. Mims later became deeply involved in the Yenko Performance Division of the organization.  Many of her later racing accomplishments were at the wheel of various Corvairs, MGs, TR3 and her famous Austen Healy  Bugeyed Sprite.

Donna Mae Mims was the first woman to win an SCCA Championship. She also competed in the Daytona 24hr and Sebring 12hr endurance races with team mates Janet Guthrie and Suzy Dietrich driving a Sunbeam Alpine.  Notably she competed in the Brock Yates’ much heralded Cannonball Baker Sea-to-Sea Memorial Trophy Dash in a pink ’68 Cadillac Limo with co-drivers Judy Stopus and Peggy Niemcek.  Even after her active racing career, Donna Mae could be found volunteering at SCCa racing events.  Her favorite colour was pink and her cars, racing suit and clothing was always pink.   Her latest 1979 Corvette has an airbrushed image of Marilyn Monroe on the hood.

Her love of Corvettes brought her to be involved in Corvette Club of Western Pennsylvania, Steel Town Corvette Club and the Three Rivers Corvette Club.

Her love of motorsports and the people attached to the automotive hobby was so great that her request was to be displayed in her Corvette in the funeral home.  The funeral home was able to fit the car in for the funeral and there were over 50 Corvettes and many club members that participated in a procession to the funeral home.

 http://kdka.com/video/?id=63814@kdka.dayport.com      Click on the link to see the details

One thing is for sure, she lived her life to the fullest …passionately all out!

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