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LSX454R GM Performance Parts “Racer’s Dream in a box” January 21, 2011

Posted by wilsonniblett in Enthusiastic Commentary.

The desire for more horsepower and torque than all your friends started 15 minutes after the second automobile ever rolled off the assembly line.  This competitive desire has let to many forms of motorsport over the decades.

Many speed equipment manufacturers sprang to life to feed the need for speed.  At various times, the auto manufacturers themselves became seriously involved in many forms of racing.  During all this time, if you wanted a very fast engine other than what came in the current production line vehicles, you had to turn to the speed parts business.  You either went to a well known machine shop and had them custom build you and engine or you and your buddies built it yourself.

There is no denying that the racing industry has done an incredible amount of R&D along with factual experience to back up their knowledge base.  The manufacturers have kept pace with this industry and have worked closely over the last century.  Nobody can deny the vast amount of shared knowledge that has resulted from this mutual association.

The folks at GM engineering have long been experimenting with many powerplant  variations to extract power, reliability and fuel efficiency.  Dr. Jamie Meyer of GM Performance Parts, is the resident gearhead that is bringing a fresh face to the GM Crate Engine program.  The latest engines to come straight from GM are fantastic.  Now instead of going to a specialty shop, anyone can call their nearest GM Dealer and order any engine combo that might fit their needs, whether it is to repower their ride or go racing!

The LSX454R is one of the crown jewels to come out of this new mix.  Officially rated at 720HP and 720 lb ft, they admit that it produces much more.  Earlier marketing info showed 750+ HP, but we have heard claims of 800 HP dyno tests!

The first engine is to be auctioned off at the Barrett Jackson event.

Now, all we need is a lightweight Super Comp dragster chassis, and we can start to do some of our own “testing”;-)

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